The Dobson Family Legacy

The Dobson Museum & Home operated by the Ottawa County Historical Society is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 4pm, and closed Sunday & Monday. The artifacts are owned by the Ottawa County Historical Society and highlight past Ottawa County life, mining, military, Native Americans, famous residents, industry including a permanent B.F. Goodrich exhibit.

The Dobson Home built in 1915-16 is an extension of the museum and open for tours and rental for events. The Dobson family furniture remains in the house today. The house is listed the National Register of Historic Places.

The gardens at the Dobson Memorial Center surround the home and are continued in the museum courtyard. From spring through fall there is a steady show of color from the many perennials and annuals in bloom. The Miami Garden Club and volunteers from the Ottawa County Historical Society maintain the many beds. Visitors are welcome to stroll through the gardens.

The Ottawa County Historical Society was organized in 1960 during a meeting at the Hotel Miami. Original board members represented all Ottawa County Communities. The society’s effort to preserve the past for future generations still exists today. The first museum was housed in the Dobson Building located at 2 ½ South Main. The museum was moved to 110 A SW in April 1972.

Upon the passing of Miss Nellie Dobson, the last survivor of the Dobson Family. Miss Nellie’s Will stipulated that a building was to be built on her property at 106 A S.W Miami, Oklahoma to house the Ottawa County collection owned by the Ottawa County Historical Society. Today volunteers man the museum known as the Dobson Memorial Center with operational costs and expenses paid by the Dobson Trust per Miss Nellie’s Will.

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