• Dobson Museum Frequently Asked Questions

What is the admission to the Museum?

  • The museum is free and open to the public.

Could my class or group host a reception, meeting, etc. at the museum or Dobson home?

  • Yes, All appointments are scheduled through our director, Jordan Boyd.

What is the Dobson Museum?

  • A museum built by the Nellie Dobson Trust and houses the artifacts of the Ottawa County Historical Society. The Dobson family was a pioneer family to Miami. They moved here in 1892 from Cuba, Kentucky and lived right next door at 106 A Street SW. The last surviving child, Miss Nellie Dobson, left provisions in her will one being the museum to be built and her home to be left as a memorial to her family.

When was the Dobson Museum established?

  • The Dobson Museum was established through Miss Nellie Dobson’s will. The official ribbon cutting was held on Sunday, April 9, 1972. However, the Ottawa County Historical Society held its first meeting in September 1960 and officially chartered in 1962, but had started the Ottawa County Historical Museum during the previous decade in the Dobson Building downtown. On October 23, 1963, the Ottawa County Historical Museum opened to the public with artifacts and collections gathered from society members who wanted to see a museum in Miami and preserve our history. The museum was located on the 2nd floor and would soon be in need of expansion and accessibility for patrons. Miss Nellie Dobson allowed the society to use the space in her family’s building on Main Street.

What was the Dobson family known for in Miami?

  • They built the first lumber yard in Miami. They owned and operated the Dobson and Sons Ice Plant and Bottling Co., lead and zinc mines at Picher, brought Patterson Manufacturing Co. to Miami, and were involved in several business interests around Miami.

Who was Nellie Dobson?

  • She was the youngest child born to Solomon Bedford and Lucy Rogers (Stinebaugh) Dobson. She was born on April 17, 1885 at Cuba, Kentucky and passed away on May 22, 1968 at Miami, Oklahoma. She is buried in the G.A.R. Cemetery in the Dobson family plot. She was the last surviving member of the Dobson family. She established the Nellie Dobson Trust with provisions in her will to provide scholarships and stipends for NEO A&M College and left her home along with assets through her trust to assist the Miami Garden Club and Ottawa County Historical Society. These two organizations meant a great deal to Miss Dobson as she was founding member of both organizations.

How much does a copy cost?

  • A copy of research materials are 25 cents a copy.

How do I volunteer at the Dobson Museum?

  • All volunteers can fill out the Volunteer Form from the front desk and visit our director, Jordan Boyd, who works with scheduling and training volunteers at the museum or special events and tours.

How do I donate artifacts to the Dobson Museum?

  • The museum and historical society have a Collections Committee that meets to process all donations. All items accepted into the museum collection have a connection and relevance to Ottawa County, Oklahoma. Artifacts may be donated during regular operation hours or calling to make an appointment with our director, Jordan Boyd. The Ottawa County Historical Society has developed a collections policy that highlights the mission, uses, storage, and accessibility of OCHS collections.

May we take pictures inside or outside the museum?

  • Yes, the Ottawa County Historical Society allows photographs within the museum for personal use. There is a photography policy available at the front desk if there are any questions. Any professional documentaries or published uses of photographs request are recommended to be directed to our director, Jordan Boyd and approval from the Ottawa County Historical Society Board of Directors.
  • Revised 1/2016